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Yellow Brick Home

Yellow Brick Home

Apotheke had the opportunity to interview Kim and Scott from Yellow Brick Home. They dipped their toes in the DIY game by reupholstering furniture and painting some walls with chalkboard paint, until one day they dived in head first by buying their home outside of Chicago and flipping each and every corner themselves.

The Story Of Our General Store

Taking A Holiday Trip To New York City with Illustrator Lindsey Balbierz

We're lucky enough to live in the middle of it all. At Apotheke, we've seen our fair share of chilly New York holiday seasons, and we were certainly looking forward to another one this year. Obviously, some things have changed. But, that doesn't mean we have to lose that whimsical, seasonal feeling. We decided to partner with local illustrator Lindsey Balbierz to capture the magic of a trip to New York City.

Must Know Home Fragrance Hacks That Take Less Than 30 Seconds

Candle care has always been a passion of ours (obviously). Though, it's knowledge that seems to elude a lot of people. Little slip ups can be easily avoided with just a couple seconds of love and care for your scented goodies. We want you to have the most magical experience you can with the home fragrance we put our heart and souls into, so get ready for the best damn list of home fragrance hacks you've ever laid your eyes on.

Madi Reiner Talks Sustainable Fashion, Inspiration, and Life Advice

As the talented director of photography for Truly Magazine, we don't know how Madi Reiner finds the time to gift us with her stunning personal pictures. With idyllic shots of sunny days and flowing dresses, she fills our hearts with a warm, blissful joy. We couldn't wait to catch up with her and get personal.

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