Behind the Fragrance - Wild Mint and Ivy

Behind the Fragrance - Wild Mint and Ivy

Sean Harty

Wild Mint and Ivy is the latest addition to our signature collection. This scent combines revitalizing mint, with eucalyptus and fresh ivy to create a bright, refreshing scent that instantly brightens any space with a tingling aroma. Keeping sustainability top of mind we worked with esteemed fragrances houses to source the best ingredients when developing this scent. We chose Geranium Oil from Egypt with four goals for sustainability in mind: improve working conditions, promote sustainable agriculture, reduce environmental footprint, and improve the lives of the community from which they were sourced. Geranium (also known as Crane’s-bill) is a vibrant colored flower that omits a herbaceous aroma with notes of citrus and spice giving it a captivating fragrance. When developing Wild Mint and Ivy we sourced both geranium and patchouli oil from Egypt and found blends that are both Orpur rated in quality. Orpur rated fragrances are strictly reviewed and reevaluated each season to ensure consistency and unparalleled quality. 

When sourcing we prioritized natural fragrances and sought out the best ingredients that stayed true to the beauty of its natural scent while also providing us with the dynamic aroma we craved. We sourced clove bud oil which is a spicy but sweet blend that perfectly complements the sharpness of the mint and eucalyptus and brings an added depth to this collection. When developing Wild Mint and Ivy we felt it was missing an earthiness so we went back and added notes of oakmoss and cedar to bring a woody twist to complement the bright aromatics that are key in this fragrance.

Available to burn or diffuse - shop the entire Wild Mint and Ivy Collection here. If you are interested in learning more about APOTHEKE's commitment to sustainability you'll find more information on our About Us Page.


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