Two “Knew” York Girls - The Women Behind Our APOTHEKE x Girl Knew York Collaboration

Two “Knew” York Girls - The Women Behind Our APOTHEKE x Girl Knew York Collaboration

Sean Harty

Better text your Mom for your birth time.

We’ve partnered with artist Mira Mariah – better known by her brand “Girl Knew York” – to bring you a limited-edition collaboration featuring two of our best-selling Signature fragrances, Charcoal and Sea Salt Grapefruit. Girl Knew York is known for her delicate, surrealist fine-line tattoos on famous clients like Ariana Grande, Ilana Glazer, and Pete Davidson. With a near-endless waitlist, the Brooklyn-based artist has branched out to additional mediums so admirers can connect with her work in new and exciting ways.

Our limited-edition collaboration features 24 designs, including constellations for each zodiac sign and the flower of each birth month. Our top-selling Charcoal 3-Wick Candle is available with your astrological star sign in sage green, and our popular Sea Salt Grapefruit 3-Wick Candle is available with your birth flower in white. Both make for the perfect birthday gift or a special treat for yourself. And, for all you Aries babies, we might just add a little extra something special in with your delivery!

As two Brooklyn-based creatives balancing being mothers and entrepreneurs, this partnership is a natural fit for Mira and APOTHEKE founder Chrissy Fichtl. After all, only the best things are made in New York. We caught up with them to discuss motherhood, entrepreneurship, and what inspires them.

  • Who are the women you look up to and how do they inspire you?
    • Chrissy: I am inspired by the women that surround me! My team, my friends, and my two daughters inspire me to work harder and do better every day.
    • Mira: I am so inspired by women because I think women are inherently very creative. I think creativity often sprouts up in times when balance is challenged, and women naturally have so much to balance that creativity blooms in them. I also think a natural attraction toward beauty makes women commit more time and energy to creation.
  • What did you dream of doing when you were little?
    • Chrissy: I always dreamed of owning my own business. I worked in retail in the past and I fell in love with merchandising. I am still very involved with merchandising the store.
    • Mira: I dreamed of making art and being a mother. I dreamed of inspiring people to feel good about themselves since I was really young.
  • What is an important piece of life advice for entrepreneurs? Especially for young women?
    • Chrissy: Never give up no matter what those around you say. Always stay true to yourself and your roots. Don't be discouraged by losses. No mistake is ever a mistake. Always try to find the lessons behind your losses. Keep learning no matter what!
    • Mira: I think what I love about women is they're multidimensional, and I encourage women to embrace that. Embrace your hobbies, your friendships, your family, and your job in as-close-to-equal parts as possible.
  • What are some of your favorite women owned brands?
  • What is essential to your wellness routine when it comes to coping with stress or pressures from the world around you?
    • Chrissy: Peloton classes (always with Cody), sleep, and making sure I am rested. I also put my phone on ‘do not disturb’ when I need a little help disconnecting.
    • Mira: Pilates! Yoga! Astrology! Drawing! Candles! Long, hot baths with books about love.
  • What are some causes close to your heart?
    • Chrissy: Cora Dance and RHAP are two local Red Hook organizations I care about deeply. Both of my daughters, Penelope and Rosie, attend Core Dance because every kid should be able to experience dance education. My husband and I love supporting them as an organization.
    • Mira: I care very much about accessibility. I think disabled people are extremely good at problem solving and I dream of a world that listens to their ideas about how places and experiences become more accessible.
  • What values will you pass down to your daughters?
    • Chrissy: You can do anything you want!
    • Mira: I hope my daughter always cares for herself first and then looks up and cares for others.
  • How do you want your brand and products to make people feel?
    • Chrissy: I want people to feel happy and relaxed. I want them to come home, light a candle, and have their home be a sacred space for them.
    • Mira: I want my art to make people feel like they can make art, too. I hope people see themselves in their work, which is why I'm so excited about this collaboration.

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