Our Favorites: Team APOTHEKE's Scents For Summer

Our Favorites: Team APOTHEKE's Scents For Summer

Sean Harty

As Summer quickly approaches and we put away our treasured Spring scents for ones more vibrant, it is time to rediscover old favorites and be introduced to new ones. Need some inspiration? Learn more about our team's top picks for Summer from the faces behind APOTHEKE.

Chrissy, Founder and CEO

Orange Blossom Neroli

It is the perfect reminder of a beach day. This one is a favorite in my home and even in the colder months I find myself constantly reaching for Orange Blossom Neroli. This scent immediately takes me back to warm summer months even when it is snowing outside.

Carli, CMO

Sea Salt Grapefruit Reed Diffuser

I have one in every bathroom and common places. It is my scent of summer when people walk into my house or when I relax at night. It mingles perfectly with all the suntan lotion, fresh air, and chaotic sunshine the summer brings into my home.

Tim, VP of Sales


Scented candles were like a commodity in our home growing up, so I have been using them my entire life. I've used every brand and tried every fragrance, from mass to luxury. Charcoal is by far the most sophisticated, sexiest, oudiest, moodiest, broodiest fragrance I've ever experienced. Not to mention the most addictive. I want to be surrounded by it 24/7. Don't let the name, look, and notes fool you. It is not a cold-weather fragrance; it is a year-round fragrance.

Jessica, Sales Manager

Wild Mint and Ivy

I have the diffuser in my entryway and I burn the candle in my living room. The 11oz fills my whole apartment with this cool, invigorating and refreshing scent. Every time someone walks into my place they make a comment about how great my place smells.

Olivia, Digital Marketing Manager

Saffron Vanilla

Saffron Vanilla is my favorite. It's interesting, I expected it to be sweet before I smelled it for the first time but it completely won me over. It smells a little spicy and like lavender! It's the perfect cozy scent and the light green glass jar looks great no matter where I put it. On my TV stand, on a coffee table or my nightstand.

Sean, Digital Marketing Specialist

Purple Basil

Purple Basil is the scent you never knew you needed. It is fresh, inviting and my obsession this summer. I constantly have one burning in my home and I always get so many complements on how it smells. I now gift these to friends and family and they are now all equally obsessed!

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