Sadie Beaudet, Founder of Tradlands Shares Her Insights on Motherhood, Wellness, and Running a Business. Plus – the Perfect Portland, Maine Itinerary

Sadie Beaudet, Founder of Tradlands Shares Her Insights on Motherhood, Wellness, and Running a Business. Plus – the Perfect Portland, Maine Itinerary

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Sadie Beaudet is the co-founder of Tradlands, a women’s clothing company focused on making versatile, made-to-last staples that make getting dressed simple. After traveling and moving from Rhode Island to California and back, she now lives in Portland, Maine. “Our new collection is inspired by the East Coast – and those timeless pieces you reach for over and over again.” In our chat, Sadie opens up about the challenges of balancing motherhood and running a business, how she finds peace in the natural beauty of coastal Maine, and her top recommendations for exploring Portland.

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Her Morning Ritual

Sadie likes to keep her morning routine simple and focused. She begins her day with a quick meditation and gratitude practice before letting her dogs out and heading to the kitchen to make an oat milk latte. Sadie, prioritizes family time in the mornings and enjoys spending time with her daughter before jumping into work.

Her Office Must-Haves

Sadie doesn’t wear makeup to work, but keeps a Gua Sha tool along with tonic mist, and Aquaphor on her desk to keep her skin hydrated. Sadie also is a candle lover - her current favorite burning on her desk is the APOTHEKE Charcoal Candle.

The After-Hours Schedule

While some projects require more of her day, Sadie tries to stay committed to ending her day at 5. This allows her to feel present with her family and avoid burnout. Once off the clock, Sadie enjoys going on a scenic walk through her neighborhood to decompress, This walk helps me establish that my workday is over, which is something I struggled with before having a baby.

Finding The Balance: Life as a Founder and Mother

Finding balance between being a founder and a mother is no easy task and Sadie admits that she doesn’t always get it right. “Before I became a mom, work days had no start and end time and overflowed into the weekends.” Sensing the need for change, Sadie began working with a productivity coach. Through coaching she was able to establish a routine to start and end her workday, allowing her to stay focused at work and more present at home. Overall, finding a balance between work and family is an ongoing process, but having clear boundaries and a supportive team helps make it possible.

Her Best Advice for Entrepreneurial Moms

You can't do it all alone and that’s the way it’s meant to be! Whether it be in your personal or office life, Sadie stresses the importance of knowing it is ok to ask for help and surrounding yourself with people who support you. Above all, Sadie reminds you to always be kind to yourself. Take time to take care of yourself, too!

A Typical Weekend with Sadie

Weekends with Sadie consist of family time and exploring coastal Maine. Her family enjoys going on long walks through Portland and visiting many of the city’s charming local shops. When the weather is nice, Sadie enjoys taking her daughter, Goldie, to community events like concerts, farmers' markets, and art shows in town. It’s such a small city we usually bump into someone we know along the way.

Outside of Portland, Sadie loves spending time with family out in the midcoastal area and exploring beautiful coastal towns like Bath, Wicasset, and Damariscotta. Her brother has an organic farm, Pemaquid Falls Farm that she enjoys taking Goldie to when she can. I look forward to her growing up gardening next to my mom, helping with the chickens, and planting seedlings next to my brother in his greenhouses. His farm is a magical place.

We asked Sadie If you could spend an entire weekend by herself – where would she go?

I'd escape to a city that's great for walking and that I know well, like San Francisco where I used to live or Barcelona, where I've spent some time. The freedom of being able to wander around without a schedule or meetings, visit museums and cafes, and revisit my favorite places sounds dreamy.

Her Most Important Life Rituals

Sadie’s most cherished ritual is her daughter's nighttime routine. My husband and I switch off nights so it doesn’t feel like a chore. It's become my favorite part of the day – aside from seeing her when she wakes up in the morning – and I feel lucky to have that time with her.

The Beauty & Wellness Essentials She Can’t Live Without

Motherhood lead Sadie to simplify her routine and after meeting with Sofie Pavitt, she was able to eliminate steps of her routine and start using more affordable products including a gentle cleanser, a hydrating moisturizer at night, a daytime moisturizer with a high SPF, and an argan oil. Sadie loves the Osea algae body oil because it absorbs quickly and smells amazing.

In terms of wellness, Sadie likes to keep it simple and uses her Cadence capsules to help stay organized. Her staples include the Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk +Generation G in Zip, Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, and Ilia Skin Tint + Limitless Lash. Growing up in the 90s, I am thankful my mom never let me pluck my eyebrows too thin. :)

The Dream Portland Itinerary:

Looking to visit Portland, Maine anytime soon? We linked Sadie’s dream itinerary below, filled with her tried and true recommendations. You’ll find everything from where to stay to where to enjoy an afternoon slice of pizza walking along the coast.

Where To Stay

For Coffee & Breakfast

For Small Bites & Dinner

For Afternoon Drinks

For Shopping

For Activities to Enjoy

To keep up with Sadie and all things Tradlands, take a visit to their website. You won’t find better effortless wardrobe essentials because they simply do it the best.

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