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Your Ultimate Work-From-Home Setup

Jessica Hong

Even though work might be stressful, your work from home set up doesn’t have to be. As we find ourselves working from home more and more these days, you might feel that your desk set up is due for a refresh. There are many ways to elevate your home office, from picking the right supplies to refreshing your work space to feel more comfortable and productive. Whether you’re working remotely at your desk or right on the living room couch, here are our ideas to transform your WFH set up into your own personal sanctuary.

The first way to elevate your WFH office is undoubtedly aromatherapy. Scents are tied to the part of our brain that deals with memory and emotion, so it can have a huge impact on our mood. Studies have shown that certain fragrances can affect concentration, attention span, and productivity. If you feel like you keep getting distracted, scents such as lemon and mint have been proven to help you stay alert and make less mistakes. Keep a Meyer Lemon Mint candle by your desk to stay engaged all day. Another scent that can help productivity is a strong, earthy White Vetiver. With over 120 hours of burn time, our White Vetiver three-wick candle will be there to help you focus, even after five o’clock strikes.

Stressing over a big project or finding your shoulders tense every time you send an email? Choose a fragrance that relieves anxiety and has calming properties, like the relaxing and soothing Hinoki Lavender. If you’re in a slump or feeling overwhelmed, a refreshing, bright, citrusy scent such as Sea Salt Grapefruit can awaken your senses and help spark some motivation. 

If you need to focus and don’t have time to monitor a flame, a reed diffuser is a great option to have undisturbed, 24/7 fragrance. Reed diffusers are made with alcohol-free, perfume grade oils that create a constant flow of scent to fill any room. They’re easy to use, low maintenance, and make a great addition to a busy home office. With reed diffusers, the wooden reeds diffuse the scent into the air, releasing a subtle scent that isn’t too overpowering. For smaller home offices, you can use less reed sticks to fill the room, and if you’re working in the living room or in a larger space, 10-12 reeds will fill the whole home with fragrance. A clean scent, such as Canvas is a great option to tie your whole set up together.

Scent aside, let’s talk about your other home office tools. Keeping organized is essential for productivity- a messy space equals a messy mind, after all! Try and have your desk cleared off of everything except for the essentials and things that bring you joy. This way, you’ll feel more inclined and motivated to get things done. Keep it clean and consistent with a desk set that’s stylish yet functional, and keep pads of paper next to you to write quick reminders or for when the sudden burst of creativity strikes.

Working remotely comes with its own set of challenges, but small changes and touches like these can elevate your space from an ordinary home office to a personalized, unique sanctuary. Make your WFH office a space you’ll love, from 9-5.

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