Reed Diffuser Buying Guide

Jessica Hong

Looking for a flame-free way to fill your home with fragrance? Look no further. Reed diffusers are made with alcohol-free, perfume grade oils that create a constant flow of scent to fill any space. They’re easy to use, low maintenance, and last up to 3-4 months. The best part? Unlike candles or incense, no flame or matches are needed. This means they can be left unattended- just set it and forget it.

How to Set Up a Reed Diffuser

To set up your reed diffuser, simply open the reed diffuser base and carefully place the desired number of wooden reed sticks inside. That’s it! The wooden reeds absorb the oil and disperse the scent into the air, allowing for around-the-clock fragrance. To ensure a strong scent 24/7, flip the reed diffusing sticks around once a week to give your home a boost of fragrance. Use less reeds for small rooms (we recommend 2-3 for a guest bathroom, for example,) and to fill your entire home, 10-12 will do the trick. Another factor to consider is air flow- like air conditioning, open windows, and the proximity to outdoor spaces. Place your reed diffuser in an area with good air circulation, such as the hallway or right at the entrance of a room.

Tips for Choosing Your Reed Diffuser

Fragrance can be hard to shop for online without being able to smell the scents in person. To make it simple, we’ve broken down our top rated reed diffusers into categories, based on scent type and the mood they exude.

Moody and Sultry

Charcoal: Cedarwood and sandalwood combine with notes of smoky amber and oud to build a broody, full-bodied fragrance.

White Vetiver: Cashmere, eucalyptus, and lilac are entwined with earthy vetiver, sandalwood, amber, and cedarwood to form a sultry fragrance.

Earthy and Woody

Santal Rock Rose: The richness of sandalwood is combined with earthy, herbaceous rock rose to create a lush wood scent.

Amber Woods: Warm amber wood, sweet lily of the valley, and night-blooming jasmine are deepened by the tang of peppercorn, woody vetiver, and patchouli for a robust and enticing scent.

Bright and Refreshing

Magnolia Bouquet: The richness of sandalwood is combined with earthy, herbaceous rock rose to create a lush wood scent.

Sea Salt Grapefruit: The tang of sea salt, black pepper, and ripe grapefruit is balanced by dew drop accords and tarragon, for a fragrance like summer by the sea.

Clean and Calming

Canvas: Crisp linen, white musk, and sweet lily of the valley mingle with a dew drop accord for a clean, refreshing scent.

Hinoki Lavender: Rich, smoky notes of Hinoki cypress and fresh lavender meld with lotus flower and sandalwood to create an earthy, soothing fragrance.

Earl Grey Bitters: Classic earl grey tea leaves blended with lemon zest, bergamot, and peony for a relaxing moment.


A Fragrance for Every Room

From your kitchen to your home office space, scents set the mood. Whether you’re looking for something to help you focus or just looking for a fun fragrance while entertaining dinner guests, there’s a reed diffuser for any moment at home.

For your home office:
Upgrade your WFH office space with scents that help you focus and improve concentration. Lavender has been proven to increase productivity, and also has calming properties. Stay chill from 9 to 5 and keep calm during your next zoom meeting with this relaxing scent. 

In the living room:
For the busiest spot in your home, be mindful and pick a fragrance that compliments everyone’s taste. Refreshing citrus fragrances are great like our Sea Salt Grapefruit, and can help energize the vibe and brighten the mood next time you have guests over.

For the bathroom:
Make this the smelliest spot in your home- and we mean this in the best possible way. Reed diffusers are a great option to keep the powder room smelling fresh 24/7, and they only need about 2-3 reed diffusing sticks to fill this smaller room with fragrance. Magnolia Bouquet will make it feel like you’re walking into a field of flowers, and something sultry like White Vetiver will bring on all the home spa vibes. 

On the bedroom nightstand: 
If you’re tossing and turning at night, fragrance can help. Research proves that aromatherapy can improve sleep, and incorporating certain scents into your bedtime routine can help you fall asleep better. Calming and clean scents like Canvas can help you catch up on those zzz’s, or cozy up and take a moment to pause with the relaxing Earl Grey Bitters.

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