Apotheke x Zio and Sons Introduce: Upstate Serenity

Jessica Hong

Say Hello to Anthony D’Argenzio

To welcome in the fall season, we collaborated with Anthony D’Argenzio, founder of Zio and Sons, to bring you our new limited edition fragrance: Upstate Serenity.

Anthony is the founder of Zio and Sons, owner of This Old Hudson, and father to the cutest two year old in the word, Havana. He's spent the past decade designing, styling, photographing, and staging interiors through Zio and Sons, the creative consultancy he founded in 2012. His fine-tuned taste and care for detail allows him to discover and maximize the potential for any space. On a weekend getaway in 2015, Anthony found himself in the Hudson Valley - a quiet, tucked away region in upstate New York around three hours north from New York City. It was there where Anthony came upon an old fixer upper - which, fast forward to today, is renownedly known as This Old Hudson.

Inspired by Hudson Valley and Made in Brooklyn

While formulating and developing the fragrance for this collaboration, the process and inspiration was simple. Together, Anthony and Chrissy wanted to bring a piece of upstate New York into anyone's home. The serene nature and lush landscape of the Hudson Valley led us to this warm, inviting scent that fills any corner with a bit of serenity. For the candle, the neutral hand-glazed vessel matches any home, from an industrial Brooklyn loft to a rustic cabin in the woods. Deciding to bring this fragrance into a bar soap was also a no-brainer, and as always, was hand crafted in our factory in Red Hook.

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