New Years Resolutions: 3 Tips to Help You Stay Consistent in 2023

New Years Resolutions: 3 Tips to Help You Stay Consistent in 2023

Jessica Hong

A new year can make us feel inspired and refreshed- but the gloomy winter weather and post-holiday blues can sometimes make us feel anything but. It’s tempting to throw away all the goals we’ve made, but deep down we know there’s no better time to set healthy habits and invest in ourselves. After reflecting and reminiscing on last year, it’s time for a clean slate. If that “new year, new me” feeling is already starting to wear off, here are some easy solutions to revive those new year's resolutions! 

Your new year’s resolution is to… wake up earlier 

Waking up earlier means going to bed earlier, which can be really difficult when you’re endlessly scrolling through TikTok every single night. Turn night time into you-time by setting time restrictions on social media apps and turning on do not disturb to make sure you get a good, uninterrupted rest. Next, get cozy- use the nice sheets, burn your favorite candle (lavender is great to help wind down,) and snuggle up with your favorite blanket. See ya in dream world! 


Your new year’s resolution is to… get organized

I love a good to-do list, but as tasks pile on, it’s tempting to just throw away the whole thing! Make your to-do’s feel manageable by organizing them by how long each will take to get done. That way you can batch smaller tasks together, and properly allocate more time for larger ones. We love our day designer planner to write down hourly schedules, and help us keep track of important due dates and events. And lastly, if it’s 2023 and you don’t have a proper home office set up or work area… what are you waiting for?!



Your new year’s resolution is to… refresh your space

You deserve a clean, fresh space that you love. A cluttered space is a cluttered mind, after all! I find it impossible to get anything done if there’s dishes in the sink or laundry waiting to be folded. Take a weekend to finally sort through all the clutter sitting in the corner of your room, or tackle the old home decor or furniture you’ve been putting off throwing away or donating. Sort through one room at a time to feel less overwhelmed. After that’s done, it’s time to intentionally curate your dream space that you’ve been wanting for years. Simple home decor swaps like plants, coffee table books, and a new fragrance really tie a room together. Take our fragrance quiz to see what new candle you should add to your home, or try a Pura Smart Diffuser to really give your living room an upgrade (my favorite Pura scents are Canvas and Sea Salt Grapefruit!)

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