Holiday Gifting Round Up by Apotheke's CMO

Holiday Gifting Round Up by Apotheke's CMO

Carli Lampley

The Holidays are here again and I rounded up some of my very favorite things to gift for the season!

Hosting Gifts:

Top of my list? Candles!

I stock up on these treats and bring them to holiday parties when I get invited. I know people usually bring wine but I feel like if you bring a candle your host always feels a bit more special.

My favorite winter scents for the season are Black Cypress or White Vetiver. I have literally never heard anyone say they don't like them. They are classics and a winter staple in my home!

For Neighbors or friends:

I do a mix of fragrance and home products to make the perfect bundle for the holidays.

I usually mix a candle, a book, or a gift set.

For example this Sea Salt Grapefruit Set with this book is really special.

For the men in my life:

I try to set them up for a win in their home. I like to pair our Amber Woods Candle with its liquid soap and lotion counterpart. That way that smelly bathroom always looks chic. (Oops, did I just say that?)

For my mama, aunts, and women in my life:

I just want to make room for them to treat themselves this holiday season.

I personally own a few of our blankets we carry and I think they are perfect for cuddles, books, and movies.

I also opt for a diffuser often in tandem to add a little luxury to their space. Reed diffusers are perfect for our busy days in the office, at home, on our bedside tables, or living room tables. My go to is our Earl Grey Bitters Diffuser. With notes of earl grey tea leaves blended with bergamot, and lemon zest for the perfect relaxing moment!

The real splurge...

Even though I work here and see it every single day, I COVET our four wick indoor/outdoor candles and 25 piece advent. I feel really proud giving those to my friends who have just about everything and they are amazing conversation pieces. Truly the gift of a lifetime!


  • Shallan said:

    I’m interested in your sea salt grapefruit candles.

    July 28, 2023

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