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Best Candles for Your Living Room

Jessica Hong

Recently, we asked on our Instagram stories which room do you burn candles the most in. The majority, by a landslide, was in the living room! The living room is arguably the most important space in our homes. When friends and family stop by, the living room is where we gather. It’s the place where we wind down after a long day, and where we spend the majority of our lazy weekend afternoons. It’s natural to want to make this space look, and smell, its best. We know our home doesn’t feel complete until it’s been well cleaned and scented with a beautiful candle burning throughout the air. Scent is a mood maker, and fragrance can really elevate your living room and accentuate your décor. From a cozy den to a large family room, here are the best candles for your living space based on your home décor style!

For the Minimalist

Image by @beulah

People often tend to confuse minimalism for emptiness and coldness, but that’s far from the truth. We love a simple and minimal living room- this kind of style can help small spaces feel more open and airy. To help create a clean and calming environment, moody and sultry scents like White Vetiver or Charcoal will elevate your space and match your neutral décor. Add a 3-wick Charcoal candle to your coffee table as a statement piece.

In the Rustic Farmhouse

Image by @krthome

Rustic home décor styles take elements from the outdoors and combine them with industrial interior design elements to create a warm, woody, and elevated space. Cozy and earthy scents like Santal Rock Rose and Amber Woods would add the perfect cozy touch to a rustic living room. For larger rooms, a three wick is perfect- they’ll provide a strong candle throw throughout the entire home.

For Your City Studio

Image by Clancy

If you’re in a small space, the living room is everything. Especially if you live in a studio, the living room could be the only space in your home that you have to work with! An 11oz candle will fill a small apartment beautifully. To wind down after the hustle and bustle of city life, a calming fragrance like Earl Grey Bitters or Hinoki Lavender will help relieve stress while you chill on your couch, getting comfy for your next Netflix marathon. If you live in a busy city and miss the great outdoors, bring a bit of nature into your home with Magnolia Bouquet.

A Maximalist's Dream

Image by @tylerpo.interiors

If you’re all about embracing colorful things and filling every corner of your home with bold accessories, your fragrance should match your fun décor. An energizing and bright scent like Sea Salt Grapefruit would match beautifully in a maximalist home. It’s tangy, citrusy, and would add to your space without taking the attention away from your eclectic style. If you’re feeling extra daring, an extra large 4 wick or artistic Fefo vessel would be perfect to elevate your living room.

No matter what your style, your living room should feel inviting, cozy, and most importantly, unique to you. Choose a candle that you think would fit your home best. Cheers to creating our own personal dream spaces this spring!

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