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The Story of Eden: Our Newest Spring Collection

Jessica Hong

Welcome to Eden

Say hello to all things fun, colorful, warm, and bright. These days, we only have one thing on our mind: springtime. This time of year is all about growth- flowers starting to bloom, birds are chirping, and the sun starts to hang around longer and longer. This is the season all about new beginnings, a fresh start, and it’s these wonderful experiences and little moments of joy that inspired us to create Eden.

Simply, Eden symbolizes paradise. A place where only peace, bliss, and happiness exist. And that’s exactly what we’re looking for at home, right? As we open our windows and take a deep breath of fresh air, we are refreshing our spaces and routines, all while dreaming of our own personal paradise. We hope these feel-good fragrances help you create your own Eden at home.

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Cedarwood Ginger

Get ready to anticipate your new adventure. Red tea and ginger highlight juicy figs and sweet coconut while cedarwood, patchouli, and a hint of incense create an enticing and enchanting fragrance. If you enjoy woody and relaxing scents like our signature Hinoki Lavender, this fragrance is our top pick for you. Light on the first sunny day to reward yourself for finishing all that spring cleaning.

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Black Iris Oak

If you love Charcoal or Santal Rock Rose, this spring scent is the one for you. Black pepper and cinnamon leaf open to a woody guaiac wood with subtle touches of iris, violet, and musk for an alluring scent. It’s the perfect balance between floral and woody with a great scent throw. The 3 wick has a burn time of 120 hours, so it’s the best candle to light all season long.

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Saffron Vanilla

Spring is the time for new beginnings, so it was only right to introduce our first ever vanilla candle for this collection. There’s more to this scent that meets the eye- this is not your average vanilla scent. Spicy cardamom and herbal lavender blend with iris, violet, and rose; complemented with the scent of warm vanilla and saffron for a unique spring scent. We love burning the 3 wick all day in our office, it’s our team’s favorite right now!

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Orange Blossom Neroli

If we could bottle sunshine in a fragrance, it would smell like Orange Blossom Neroli. Sweet orange flower and refreshing neroli meld alongside earthy greens, sandalwood, and a touch of muck to create this fresh and modern spring fragrance. We love lighting this scent in the living room from morning til night!

If you can’t decide which scent to choose from or if you’re looking for a sweet gift, our limited edition gift set includes all four scents along with our best selling Charcoal and Sea Salt Grapefruit! Cheers to all things spring and finding our personal paradise.

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