What is Scent Throw?

What is Scent Throw?

Keith Parent

What is Scent Throw?

Do you prefer when a fragrance reaches every corner of your home, or do you like when a scent stays in a certain room? If you’ve been perusing candles online and reading reviews, you’ve most likely come across the term “scent throw”. There can be confusion surrounding this terminology, so let's talk about scent throw and why it's so important when choosing a candle. While scent notes describe how a candle smells, scent throw refers to how faint or strong the fragrance flows through the air, and how much it permeates a space. A few things affect scent throw, from the percentage of fragrance used, the type of candle wax, and candle size. When incorporating scents into your home, pay attention to the candles scent throw.

How to Choose the Right Candle for Your Space

Different rooms in your home may call for different candle sizes. If you’re looking for the perfect candle for the washroom, a mini tin or votive will have enough scent throw for a smaller space. If you’re looking for an inviting fragrance for your living room or studio apartment, an 11oz candle will fill the space beautifully. Lastly, if you’re looking for a strong scent throw to reach multiple floors or large rooms, a three wick candle will be able to reach every corner of your home. Obsessed with a fragrance and can’t get enough? Spring for a 4-wick (The largest candle we’ve ever made!)

Scent Throw, Hot Throw, and Cold Throw

Here are a few more terms to add to the mix. While candle scent throw refers to how strong a fragrance travels through the air to fill up a space, this can vary a lot whether or not the candle is lit or not. Cold throw refers to how strong a candle’s initial scent is when it isn’t lit yet- like when you open it straight from the box, or smell it for the first time at our store. On the flip side, hot throw is how strong the fragrance is while the candle is burning. Depending on the fragrance, a candle’s hot throw can be a lot stronger (or more subtle,) than it’s cold throw. A candle’s scent can seem subtle at first, but while it’s burning, the hot throw can be more robust than you might’ve thought initially. To really know how strong a candle’s scent throw is, pay attention to the hot throw!

How to Get the Most Scent Throw from a Candle

Maximizing a candle’s scent throw goes hand in hand with candle care. Allow the candle to melt until the wax pool reaches the edge of the vessel, and let it burn for longer periods of time (around 4 hours is recommended.) This will also prevent pesky tunneling, extending the life of your candle. Additionally, be mindful where you burn your candle. Light your candle in a well ventilated area with good air circulation- keep the doors open, pay attention to open windows, and be mindful of air conditioners or fans. Allow the fragrance the room it deserves to fill your whole home with fragrance.

The Most Important Tip

Lastly, we want to stress that there is no such thing as bad or good scent throw- it’s all up to your preference! Whether you’re looking for something subtle or a scent throw that is more robust, there’s a fragrance suitable to everyone’s liking. For example, a citrusy and invigorating scent like Sea Salt Grapefruit packs more of a punch and may seem like it has a stronger throw than something more inviting and soothing, like Earl Grey Bitters. If you’re having trouble choosing, take our quiz to find your favorite!

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