Gold Wick Snuffer


Safely, delicately, and quickly extinguish candle flames while minimizing excess smoke with this elegant Gold Wick Snuffer.

The 6.5-inch handle and swiveling hinged snuffer make it easy to use on any type of candle, from taper and pillar candles to large, multi-wick scented jar candles.

Pair with the matching Gold Wick Trimmer to complete a set of the two most important necessary accessories for every candle user.

TO USE: Carefully place the snuffer over a candle flame and wait until the flame goes out. Do not submerge snuffer into a pool of melted wax. Hover slightly over the surface of the wax to extinguish a lit wick. You may see a small amount of smoke emerge from the snuffer, signifying that the flame is out.

The Details

  • 7.5" W x 1" D x 1.5" H

  • Stainless steel with glossy gold finish.

  • Wipe with a soft, dry cloth to clean.

  • Imported