Scent Tower Electric Fragrance Diffuser


Our Scent Tower Electric Fragrance Diffuser uses cold-air diffusion technology to turn fragrance oil into a dry nano-mist. This safe, residue-free process keeps fragrance suspended in the air for longer, ensuring even and consistent scent coverage throughout spaces up to 850 square feet. The Scent Tower's advanced atomization technology offers an innovative way to enjoy your favorite APOTHEKE fragrances.

The Process
The Scent Tower's cold-air diffusion technology transforms our fragrance oils into a dry nano-mist, eliminating the need for scent diffusion by heat or water, both of which can deliver uneven results. This innovative process disperses fragrance in its purest form while preserving the original composition and quality. The result is an even, consistent, long-lasting, and luxurious fragrance experience.

The Device
Portable and rechargeable, the remote-operated Scent Tower is made from recycled aluminum and features an off-white matte finish for a sleek and modern look. Fragrance oil is not included and is sold separately.

The Details

  • Includes remote control, power adapter and port, and two replacement nozzles.
  • Scent Coverage Area: Up to 850 square feet.
  • Fragrance diffusion process is residue-free and safe for children and pets.
  • Net Weight: 1.74 lbs. (790 g)
  • Tower Dimensions: 3.3" DIA x 10.2" H
  • Box Dimensions: 4.75" L x 4" W x 14" H
  • Model No.: A9
  • Voltage: 5V / 2A
  • Power: 8W
  • Battery: 4000mAh
  • Material: Aluminum

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