The Creative Heart Behind New York's Best Bakery: Maman

Carli Lampley

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful marketing and creative heart behind Maman, Andrea DeMaio. Maman is New York's best bakery and coffee shop (with multiple locations, in the city and out) with a story as inspiring as it is delicious. Andrea is a big part of everything you see and hear and we were thrilled to be able to have a brief chat with her.

We love her positive outlook, kindness, and creative spirit and know you will find her just as inspiring as we do!


Tell us a little about yourself!

"I'm a dreamer who likes to get things done! I'm usually the shortest woman in the crowd with big curly (crazy) hair. Cooking, baking, and art are my favorite pastimes and stress relievers. I also always have a bad case of wanderlust and am constantly thinking of the next trip I can take! I've been working for Maman, a café bakery & event space in NYC for the past 5 years. I love my job and am so thankful for it!"

Are you still in New York?

"I actually just moved out of NYC after 5 years! It was bittersweet. I'm currently living in the beautiful city of Summit, NJ, just outside of the city"

What was the last thing that you were inspired by?

"This is a tough one... but if I had to choose I would say I'm always inspired by nature when it grows lush and wild. I'm also very inspired by handmade things, I think the imperfections and personal aspect of the objects created are so beautiful... During quarantine I got inspired to learn how to make paper and how to wax seal envelopes!"

What is something people don’t really know about you?

"I love doing collage art! I've never been great at drawing, but I found that collage is the perfect way to creatively express myself. Using old vintage magazines, old books and record sleeves, I cut, paste, and layer them into new pieces of art. (P.S. you can find them at"

What is your latest project you are working on?

"Recently I've been thinking a lot about the moment where you decide to "do" something, to take on a project, cross something off your to-do list, etc. I started a little Instagram account @definitelydo where I'm posting inspiration, ideas, etc.! It's really just starting out, but it's been a fun outlet for me."

Can you also tell us a bit of bio about what you do for Maman as well as how you started there? Any exciting projects?

"Yes! I am the marketing director at maman, and my role encompasses a little bit of everything! We are a small yet mighty team, so we all wear many hats. I oversee all aspects of marketing including digital (website, email, assisting with social media), brand partnerships, product and menu launches, in-store promotions, signage, e-commerce, supporting store needs and working with our PR team. It can be a whirlwind, but it's all beautiful, delicious, fun, and I love our team. I feel very thankful to be able to say that I love what I do everyday.

We do have a few exciting projects coming up... some lifestyle/branding projects, and maybe more cafés.. ;) One of my favorite projects to date was getting to create a new brand by maman with my coworker. It's called "mademoiselle" and was created to be in the Deco food hall in midtown. It has a similar menu style as maman, with some exclusive items and for a slightly different customer base. Those that know maman well know right away that this is another brand in the maman family, which is exactly what we hoped for!"

What is the best advise you have ever received?

"I have two favorite quotes/advice, "Comparison is the thief of joy" - Theodore Roosevelt. I love this reminder to just be content with what you have where you are, and find joy in your everyday instead of always longing for the next thing. My other favorite quote is "Love God and do as you please" - by St. Augustine. My Christian faith is really important to me, and I love this reminder of keeping faith and love at the forefront, and it will impact the way you live all other aspects of your life"

You mentioned you might have an Apotheke fav?

"I LOVE the smell of the Charcoal candle! I am also obsessed with the new hand sanitizers - they are the prettiest ones I've seen. One of my favorites is the White Vetiver collection. I also have the Magnolia Bouquet hand lotion in my bathroom which smells great and guests love it"

How do you balance life, personal health, and staying creative?

"I consider myself a dreamer with my head in the clouds, but my feet on the ground. Always thinking of new ideas and a million things on the to-do list, but trying to be practical about them, too! And to be completely honest - I am continually learning how to balance these each day. As a creative person, it can be overwhelming because my mind is always spinning with ideas, things to try, recipes to make, people to connect with, etc. But lately, I've been trying to focus on simplifying things in a tangible way by making realistic to-do lists (and not shaming myself for not completing them!), and learning when to say "no" when it's not healthy for me. My fiancé and I have been working on keeping each other accountable to get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and meal plan so we can eat healthy meals and portions. I also try to do a face mask once a week, it's little things like that that make a big difference!"


"We've always loved collaborating with Maman (not just because of the free cookies), and we're thrilled to share your thoughts, inspiration, and stories.

We'd like to leave you with a few more words from Andrea that we've really taken to heart:

"Home is wherever you are fully relaxed. Whether that be our physical home or just being in the arms of my fiancé, home for me is when I can be completely comfortable and know that I am completely accepted and loved no matter what"

Check out Andrea DeMaio's new inspo account on Instagram @definitelydo

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