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There is a lot that goes into the quality of a candle- from ingredients, to the fragrance, and most importantly, burn time. Candle burn time means how long your candle will last, from the first burn to the last light. There are many different factors that affect burn time, including size, type of ingredients, and candle care. Let’s dive into it below!

The burn time for candles is calculated based on the size, weight, and the type of wax a candle is made out of. Not all candles are made equal, and what goes into a candle affects not only how long, but how well it’ll burn. Candles poured using soy wax have a lower melting point than other types of wax, allowing a longer, clean, and even burn. Using soy wax also ensures that little to no residue is left on the sides of the candle vessel as it’s burning. APOTHEKE candles are made of a soy wax blend, allowing them to have such a long burn time. Generally, larger candles, such as a three wick, have a longer burn time than one wick candles. Smaller candles (like a votive) make great decorative accents and are good for trying new scents, but have the shortest burn time.

While candle ingredients, quality, and size are major determining factors of burn time, you can also take extra steps to ensure your candle lives its life to the fullest. Always trim your candle wick to ¼ inch before each burn, especially before the first light. This step is super important to ensure a clean, even burn! After your candle is lit, make sure to let the wax melt all the way to the edges, and allow the candle to cool completely after blowing out the flame. Lastly, be mindful of wind, air conditioning, or fans in your home, as pesky drafts can make your candle burn faster, decreasing the burn time. For example, a candle placed in your home office may last longer than one placed right under your living room ceiling fan.

What is the Approximate Burn Time for APOTHEKE Candles?

Three wick candle: 120 hours. When lighting a three wick candle, make sure to light all three wicks to ensure an even burn. If you only burn one or two wicks, this can result in uneven burning, shortening the life of your candle. When it’s time to extinguish the flame, be sure to trim all the wicks to the same length so that it’ll burn evenly the next time as well.

11 oz candle: 60-70 hours. Our signature candles are a great option to fill any room in your home with fragrance. Allow your candle to burn 2-3 hours at a time to ensure a clean, even burn.

Votive: 15-20 hours. A good option for a small room, or to try out a bunch of new scents. For all candles but especially votives, avoid burning the candle for more than six hours. Burning for longer can compromise the fragrance in the wax.



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