Author Carli Lampley / Published: Apr-20-2021


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We wanted to start this Mothers day off with a note from our Creative Director, Carli Lampley. Mothers day can be beautiful but we all know it can also be painful. We asked women in our community to share their story. Some are mothers, others are children, and each have a unique appreciation for the people in their life who raised them. Every day we will release a new story, a gift guide, or words of wisdom to encourage all of you. It takes a village to raise children, and we are honored to walk alongside these wonderful people you will hear from.

Motherhood is a choice.

Motherhood is a choice everyday. To put your children’s needs above your own, to sacrifice, to invest, to love , to forgive, to nurture, and to teach. It’s imperfect. It’s messy. It’s also beautiful. It is a wild whirlwind. I had my son when I was in my early 30’s. His birth was in the middle of one of the biggest sorrows of my life. My father was dying and my family was changing. The childhood mother I knew was not the same and our family dynamic was nothing familiar. I went into 2018 as a daughter and came out a mother. The moment I gave birth to my son, my eyes were opened to a new world. A world where those who nurtured me became fellow women, survivalists, and warriors. My previous judgement was overrun with gratitude and understanding.

These women made the daily choice to invest in me and so many others. I was able to now see their hurt, their pain, their frustration, and their tiredness. But also their love, tenderness, joy, and creativity. My memories came flooding back of my ungrateful 11 year old self - upset my mom wasn’t there early enough to pick me up from school. My judgemental 16 year old self, comparing her mothering choices to that of my friends mothers. My immaturity all those years failed to see my mothers daily tasks filled with working, cooking, cleaning and raising three other littles. She did her best for each and every one of us. Making a million choices a day just to benefit us.

Celebrating Mother’s Day is now a yearly milestone or rather, a reflection point. Beautifully written cards and flowers are always nice to feel appreciated, but it’s more than that now. It’s a day to stop and think personally of how far I have come in my motherhood journey. How many choices I have made and what the consequences are. It’s a day to both forgive myself for my faults and congratulate myself on my victories. And it’s a thank you to all the women in my life who contributed and believed in me, making me the woman I am today.

The Mothering heart is not comparative, it is a comradery. Each woman who makes the daily choice to mother, has a gift to give. Each one is doing their best to raise the next world changer. Each with their distinct dreams and talents.

Join us as we celebrate the women in our lives who sacrificed for us. Tell a story, share a thought, memory, or a piece of advice. Just be sure to include #APOTHEKEMAMA so we can all follow along in the encouragement.

With Love and Hope for tomorrow,

Carli Lampley



Author Jess Hong / Published: Apr-20-2021