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Here at APOTHEKE, the term “luxury” refers to passion, the best quality, and thoughtful craftsmanship. Home fragrance can transform our mood, elevate our home, and can help keep memories alive. That’s why each one of our candles are thoughtfully created, and handmade the right way. There are thousands of candles on the market- but not all of them are made equally. What makes a candle luxurious? It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

You can’t have luxury without guaranteeing quality. Most mass-produced candles are made from a lower quality wax, which produces more waste and can release harmful toxins into your home. APOTHEKE candles are hand poured, meaning each candle is thoroughly checked and created by an APOTHEKE employee. Since we handle all materials and make all of our candles ourselves, you can be sure there are no unwanted chemicals or ingredients. Made with a soy wax blend and perfume grade oils, APOTHEKE candles are a safer, more eco-friendly choice. We use the best practices to ensure that all of our candles are nontoxic, vegan, and are never tested on animals.

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Charcoal is our best seller and favorite amongst candle lovers. Charcoal is a broody, masculine scent that not only smells great, but looks even better accompanied with its jet black wax and a matte black vessel to match. This smoky fragrance fits perfectly in a living room, right by the fireplace.


Bring the scent of a luxurious spa right into your living room. White Vetiver instantly turns an ordinary space into a sanctuary. It’s sultry, attractive, and masculine without being overpowering. At home, we recommend this scent for your bedroom or bathroom. If you’re planning to burn White Vetiver in a larger space, spring for the three-wick version, which has over 120 hours of burntime.


The popular lavender scent is elevated with woody Hinoki cypress and lotus flower. This candle is great to help you focus in your home office, or in the bedroom to help reduce stress, wind down, and catch up on those zzz’s.


AKA, the scent of summer. An otherwise sweet, citrusy grapefruit fragrance is balanced with the freshness of sea salt. Sea Salt Grapefruit is a great scent to have in any room in the house, from a votive in the bathroom to a three wick in the kitchen.

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Canvas is clean, elegant, and simple. This scent is a crowd pleaser and matches the chic, minimal candle vessel it’s poured in. It’ll make the home smell clean, even when it's cluttered.

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Now that you’ve chosen your favorite fragrance, which kind of candle should you get for your home? APOTHEKE candles come in three different sizes- votives, signature one wick candles, and three-wick sizes. The smallest size, a votive, is a great way to try out a bunch of different scents to find your favorite. They're also great for smaller rooms, such as a bathroom or studio apartment. The signature 11 oz size candles are always a great option for any room, with a burn time of 60-70 hours. To fill your entire home with fragrance, a three-wick candle will do just the trick. With double the burn time of our signature candles, a three-wick candle gives you more to love.


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